Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my electric fence, part deux

i once wrote about the cycles of life pertaining to friendship.

this is the addendum. because just when i thought i would have to completely revamp my list, i have been both reinforced and proven wrong.

see, i do a lot of research. when i became a mom, one piece of research told me that i need to find other mom friends and ditch the others. but really all one has to do is be open-minded and considerate of the other's place in life. if i'm a mom (which i am), i encourage and respect the lifestyles of my single friends. and vice versa.

but really the person who taught me this lesson, is the person whose friendship i thought i had lost. the person who will always be able to make me laugh. the person to whom i have always been telepathically connected. the person who also moved across the country to start a new life. SHE showed me, through her own actions, to be happy for those you love and always celebrate them. despite your own positioning in life.

but while i have regained, i have also lost. i have lost due to the same exact reason i gained. if one can never look past her own situation in life and rejoice with those around her, she may never be content with herself.

i realize that it's not only my electric fence that governs my friendships, but theirs as well. keeping the fence powered will keep one feeling isolated. but shutting that sucker off to live? that just may be the answer.