Friday, October 31, 2008

Same Bag Much????

Maybe not exactly....but you get the point. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Celebrity Sightings

People always ask "Now that you live in LA, do you see a lot of celebrities???"

My answer has historically been, "No. Because I can never recognize them."

In the past week, I've seen TWO celebrities. lol Cheesy right?

Tom Arnold and Molly Shannon. 

It can only get better from here. :)


Tyra Banks is just HORRIBLE at hosting a talk show, it's quite surprising to me she has lasted as long as she has.  Prime the 2 clips below, and you tell ME. 

(Chelsea Lately is SO FUNNY!!)



I Want It.

Kanye found this bag for me. Thanks sweetie! :)

Barack & Curtis: Manhood, Power, and Respect

Take a little peeker. Then click here to read more about the creator and his vision. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hop up out the bed (YEEEAAHHH!!) Turn my swag on!

Being a seasoned player of polyphasic sleep, the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period, I have MULTIPLE opportunities in one day to do the new soulja boy :) 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Is Palin Qualified to be Vice President??

PBS has a poll.
Click here.
Do It.
So Fast.


Tara Wall is so wack to me. She has a story on CNN on ways in which Obama is like Bush. Half of her arguement is like a big smack on the forehead because any reasonable person in today's time would support various educational options for their children, more thorough healthcare for minorities and the poor, helping resolve the worldwide AIDS crisis, and more innovative energy creation/use. Granted there are some valid points, and it's always nice to get comparison notes on the strengths AND weakness of your party leader. As we all know, no candidate is going to have EVERYTHING we want in a president. We have to decide which viewpoints are deal breakers. All in all, especially after watching her on CNN the other day talking about race and the campaign, I can't help but think that Tara Wall is the tattletale, whiney type. Come on now, when Palin says she appeals to the hockey moms of the country, she is certainly not speaking to the majority of non-white mothers in the US. Get outta here with that crap, Tara.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Can of Worms

This is the start of a blog I never posted from January 2006, Enjoy!:
Who would have ever guessed that a phone could be so high-tech,
high-profile, and addictive? I recently purchased the black Sidekick-II, not
sure if it's one of the stupidest decisions I've ever made--or if I truly
enjoy my new toy. Perhaps a little of both....

Of course, in the beginning, I had to take the "2way for Dummies"
introductory class on how to work the damn thing--from a friend who still so
graciously answers questions and gives me pointers and updates. And from
the beginning it was quite a pain in the ass, talking about it was going to
take up to 48 hours to get initialized??? I soon learned that getting my
"G" was much like getting my "O"--exhiliaratingly able to open me up to new
experiences every time, if I wanted it too. If you lose your "G" for any
extended period of time, you feel like a lonely little puppydog wandering
foreign streets, searching for a familiar face.

I have to admit that taking my 2way out in public with me is no small feat.
When I feel the buzz in my backpocket or catch Kelis' "Trick Me" ringtone
escape from my purse, I certainly think twice about whether or not i want to
check which form of communication is knocking at my door.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Target Practice

Living in LA has got me even more torn than ever before. Do I fondle the desire to be glamorous, hiding behind my designer sunglasses and enormous handbags? Or be plain ol' me, South Dakota born and raised? I've always been able to transition my style, as it was quite simple from country to small city. However, expensive shoes and fancy pants salon treatments have come to a halt since they have surpassed my budge.  It feels a little like I've lost my aim.