Wednesday, April 28, 2010

scrub-a-dub-dub (on my soapbox)

for everyone insinuating that sandra bullock is racist....................

and for everyone judging her on the blind side...........................

watch the movie. it's not as bad as the previews make it out to be. it's based on a true story. this really happened. don't be so afraid to admit that we can use some help sometimes. even if it is by a "white" person. guaranteed that each and everyone of you would take the help of white folks, if offered. think about it.....if you've ever received a federal grant, financed a car, sought a recording contract, took a tax break--then you've accepted this help that you so hate to admit we sometimes need.

speaking of sides that are blind, love makes you do really crazy things. love makes you blind sometimes. maaaaaaybe sandra's lover covered up his neo-nazi-isms enough for her not to notice. and maayyyyyyybe she was feeling him so much that she didn't do enough of her homework about him. i mean, there are STILL things i learn about my husband that i didn't know before i married him.

not long ago, i found myself questioning a group of white folks in north carolina that all decided to start adopting african children. although i knew it was with good intent, i kept wondering things like "how will the psyche of these black children be affected by being raised in white communities?" but really i should be wondering if it's better for the same children to grow up in a community/family that cannot feed, clothe, or educate them.

i guess i say all of this to say, we CAN put our egos and pride aside and accept help.

as far as sandra's marriage is concerned, we all make mistakes. he has obviously made huge mistakes. and she made a mistake as well. but to judge her character based on the fiasco at hand, is just cruel and unnecessary.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow." ~Alice Walker

I'm baaaaack!!! For many months I didn't write because I couldn't write truthfully with the intentions of not hurting someone I thought close to me. But now, after shaking the dice and rethrowing, we're all the same people from different angles. Now some that were turned up are now turned away. With that, I have an entirely new perspective. Still though, I will write like I always have.

Good to be back!