Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dope Sick Love

You've heard about the reality television show on VH1 featuring the stories of drug addicts in relationships? Well, it shows the lengths to which these people go to get their next high and how they are willing to jeopardize their relationships with their loved one in order to be satiated in a physical sense. 

Now take out the drugs.

MY reality TV show is going to be about people who let LOVE ruin their lives. It will show the lengths to which people go to be and remain in love and how they are willing to jeopardize their own life and dreams and goals to be satiated in an emotional sense.

At what point did it become okay to do this?? There seems to be a rampant epidemic among women I know--and yes, men too--who have tunnel visioned their way into a relationship, often times a horrible one, and in the process completely left their person in the past. Unfortunately, women are typically the ones to experience this the most frequently and the hardest, lending themselves to lifestyles that cater to the life-living men they love.

I'm not judging.  Shoot. We've all been there before--at least once.

My answer? Love Rehab. 


"Suckin too hard on your lollipop...Love's gonna get you down."

Stay tuned...

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