Tuesday, July 29, 2008

a little shaky

i've been living in LA for exactly one week. i like to come to the Coffee Bean to check my email and search for jobs and apartments, but this time is a little different. let me tell you!! 

a flippin earthquake!!!!!!!!!!

yes. CNN is saying a magnitude of 5.8 .... moderate. 

i'm saying.....WHOA BABY. that was crazy. the whole building  was swaying back and forth for about 5 seconds. my husband's friend paul was on the 9th floor of a downtown office building when it happened (closer to the heart of the earthquake). he said things were falling off the walls and his file cabinets drawers came open, and the whole building was swaying back and forth. 

i have to admit. i a had it a bit easier. but i'm still a little shaky.

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Silky Sue said...

WTF!!!! You moved to LA!?!??!?! When did this happen? Sometime between my nrcotic stupor and my 30th b-day shenanigans?!? You at the school??? Tell me all about it.