Monday, October 13, 2008


Tara Wall is so wack to me. She has a story on CNN on ways in which Obama is like Bush. Half of her arguement is like a big smack on the forehead because any reasonable person in today's time would support various educational options for their children, more thorough healthcare for minorities and the poor, helping resolve the worldwide AIDS crisis, and more innovative energy creation/use. Granted there are some valid points, and it's always nice to get comparison notes on the strengths AND weakness of your party leader. As we all know, no candidate is going to have EVERYTHING we want in a president. We have to decide which viewpoints are deal breakers. All in all, especially after watching her on CNN the other day talking about race and the campaign, I can't help but think that Tara Wall is the tattletale, whiney type. Come on now, when Palin says she appeals to the hockey moms of the country, she is certainly not speaking to the majority of non-white mothers in the US. Get outta here with that crap, Tara.

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