Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Can of Worms

This is the start of a blog I never posted from January 2006, Enjoy!:
Who would have ever guessed that a phone could be so high-tech,
high-profile, and addictive? I recently purchased the black Sidekick-II, not
sure if it's one of the stupidest decisions I've ever made--or if I truly
enjoy my new toy. Perhaps a little of both....

Of course, in the beginning, I had to take the "2way for Dummies"
introductory class on how to work the damn thing--from a friend who still so
graciously answers questions and gives me pointers and updates. And from
the beginning it was quite a pain in the ass, talking about it was going to
take up to 48 hours to get initialized??? I soon learned that getting my
"G" was much like getting my "O"--exhiliaratingly able to open me up to new
experiences every time, if I wanted it too. If you lose your "G" for any
extended period of time, you feel like a lonely little puppydog wandering
foreign streets, searching for a familiar face.

I have to admit that taking my 2way out in public with me is no small feat.
When I feel the buzz in my backpocket or catch Kelis' "Trick Me" ringtone
escape from my purse, I certainly think twice about whether or not i want to
check which form of communication is knocking at my door.

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