Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Jumpin Da Broom (JDB) Lesson #1

Being married. I’m obviously still new at all this—not even four months in yet—but THIS I will tell you. There will always be somebody of the opposite sex mingling, intentionally or unintentionally, with your significant other. By mingling, I mean hanging around, being a casual “friend”, always talking about getting together for a drink, etc, etc.


Now, is this bad?


Depends on how it presents itself in the relationship.


If this person, is single and wants to hang out alone? Potentially, this could be bad.

If this person is a random, never heard from or seen prior to either person in the relationship? Again this could be potentially bad.

If you see a text message to your wife/husband that says, “Hey gorgeous…..I can’t wait to meet you!!!!” This COULD be bad. Lol (I’m just sayin….!!)


On the other hand, if the person has been around for awhile (i.e. YEARS), and you’ve all hung out before in a social setting—without feeling weird….I wouldn’t sweat it.

Or if this is (a) coworker/s who always include(s) the spouse in the plans….don’t worry too much.

Or MAYBE the other person is simply a rad person, who you KNOW is cool peoples, who respects the institution of marriage, who is a God-fearing individual, and would never reduce his/herself to home-wrecker status (which YES, should be a status setting on all social networking sites!!!). Home free.


All I’m saying is THIS:


To all the people in the world who are married or who aspire to be or who once (or twice) have been,




Marriage is bomb! Pick someone you trust, and it’ll be jam-packed with fun and adventure! J


And To all random chics in the world who may want to meet or get to know my handsomely sexy and mysterious husband,




And I’ll only say it once.

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Anonymous said...

I'm challenging you to a duel. lol
I wish you the best with winning that fight.