Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Whoa Nelly!

It’s December! Only 28 more days in the year and what have I accomplished? A few things:


Travelled extensively: LA, Palm Springs, Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Bronx, Miami, Tampa, San Francisco, Washington DC, South Bend IN, Chicago, and every state in between Mpls and LA!!!

Got engaged.

Got married.

Moved to Los Angeles, which means new people, new apartment, new everything.

Started a new job.

Major hair cut, color, texture changes lol


Actually, I don’t know how many of those are “accomplishments” as opposed to blessings and just needing a gosh darn change! (That Beverly Hills haircut still has my bank account in shambles!)


However….BOY am I looking forward to 2009!!!! I see financial affluence and overall pride and happiness. I celebrate a birthday early on in the year, which always sets the stage for goal-making. I only have 2 years before I turn 30, so I must make them good ones!!


My first goal is to get myself together! A major move is always a bit difficult, depending on how well-planned it was. And my move was barely quasi-planned, to say the most. So you can imagine why I feel rather discombobulated.


My second goal is career oriented. I can’t say where I’ll be, but I hope to have moved up a notch or two by the end of next year.


As far as fitness, I definitely would like to tone some things up before March rolls around. Then it’s all about maintenance!


Travelling goals?? I’d like to go to Seattle to visit my brother and TRY to get to Hawaii in the summer/fall.


I have a couple other ideas simmering, but I’ll like to keep those in the pot for awhile longer before I reveal them.


2009 will be a great year, I just know it.

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