Thursday, January 22, 2009

"The Girlfriend" is getting to be a bit "Annoying"

Men are so easily pleased!

Give them an at least half-way beautiful woman with a european accent and some cleavage talking about how she accepts all of the short-comings of man... et voilĂ ! Instant boner! lol

Every man's fantasy:

  • The accent is sexy because it means she is from unfamiliar lands. The accent also means he doesn't mind when she's talking to him because it doesn't really matter what she's simply SOUNDS sexy! And more than likely she won't be very good at talking in English anyways...the less talking, the better.

  • The boobs are nice due to their seeming perkiness, and they are a nice distraction from her face.

  • Let's face it, men just wanna be men. So if that means going to strip clubs or being fat and harry, so be it! All they want is endorsement of the lifestyle they love. 

I applause Jim Beam on appealing to their key audience....American male sports enthusiasts. Nice work!

The only thing that sucks is watching the broad during EVERY commercial break!!!!


Thera said...

Ha!! I think they like the accent too because it could mean that she might be a little more disposable. I mean she might have to go back to where she came from, see the family, reapply for her Visa. Therefore, the man may not even have to really commit. The perfect GF.

mj said...

Yes! you're absolutely right Thera.

I wonder now...what would be the perfect commercial for us, women, that would parallel this one?

Perhaps a man (tall, dark, and hadsome) with his shirt off, fit but not too much muscle, an accent would be sexy, I guess....deep voice...talking about how he saved himself for me, but he's been enrolled in classes on how to please a woman....LOL and that he'll never have eyes for any other (and mean it!!)

Any additions? ;)

Rahki Beats said...

hmmmm woman are weird ha FYI i love this commercial!!!!!