Thursday, January 22, 2009

I give it a B-/C+...but in a good way.

I just finished reading this book and I have to say....I was pleasantly surprised!! Keyes, a writer out of Ireland, has a writing style very similar to Anna Maxted (Running in Heels). She sets this novel in Los Angeles so I was able to visualize the lounges/restaurants/neighborhoods in which she based her stories. Also, the characters are so typically Angelino, it's nuts! Because people who've lived here long enough know that Angelinos are a DIFFERENT BREED of people.

Another reason, the main reason, I liked this book is that it approached the issue of marriage from a very interesting perspective. Keyes shows the complexities, hardships, craziness, and pleasures of being united through marriage, and she reveals it in a retrospective fashion. This way, the reader comes the realization of the story at the same time as the main character, Maggie, does. It makes you feel like you are experiencing things right along with her. 

I won't give away the book in case you wanna read it...but one thing I did NOT understand was the title! It didn't go along with the book at all! I kept thinking, "When do we get to the part about angels???"

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