Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Hundred Million Gazillion

Today I signed up for Twitter....and it makes me wonder: How many social networking (SN) sites will I join in my lifetime? There will always be something bigger and better and completely irresistable. If SN was the only temptation to man, I wouldn't feel so bad, but we all know this is simply a reflection of humanity.

My other observation? The Social Networking Divide. Similar to the Digital Divide, but to another degree. Is it because I'm getting older that many of my friends aren't as plugged into the world of SN? Or are my friends the kind that don't "play the game" of SN? Or perhaps, just perhaps, at the end of a work day, some people have better things to do than be glued to their computer?

I do know this, though. I've always walked a fine line between being a SNW (use your imagination) and continuing to be a bit elusive.

Once again, elusivity prevails, as I've never been known to wear my heart on my sleeve.

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