Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday before 28

Wake up 5 min prior to leaving for work.
Laundry strewn in the living room from night before.
Stagger out of bedroom in bra and sweats.
Glance in dining room mirror at disastrous hair.
Approach pile of clothes to pick day's wardrobe.
Drop pants for quick exchange.
Glance over at forgotten about sleeping Bill that stayed over the night before.

"OH SHHHHIIIooooot...."

Run back into bedroom with no pants on.
Try to figure out how to get back into living room for change of clothes.
Try to figure it out.
Is a towel enough?
2 minutes before take off.
Run! Grab! Retreat!
Change clothes.
Kiss sleeping husband.
Find keys.
Off to work.


Rahki Beats said...

lol meant to tell you that but i fell asleep brnt

Anonymous said...


She Gave Me the Keys said...

LOL. Why didn't you just throw on a shirt from the laundry pile? Or better yet...hit the floor like covert ops?? Haha. This was quick and suspenseful. Nice.