Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Almost Time for a NEW CAR!!!

In the next 8 years, California wants to cut emissions by 30%. This means all new cars would have to average 42 miles per gallon. Since the trusty ol' Jetta only gets about 25mpg, I will
soon be saying goodbye. AND since my [dream car] Aston Martin averages 12mpg (along with the Lamborghini Marcielago @ 8mpg....sorry Tiny!!), I will DEFINITeLY be revising my car endeavors. So far my options are the Toyota Prius or the Audi A3 1.9TDIe. Sad face because they are to cars what pugs are to dogs. I want to say they're cute cuz they're small-ish, but really their smashed faces (or back ends) are a bit too.....well....smashed, for my taste. I need something more sleek. More sexy. That's the new market. Sleek, sexy, and green. Ready? ... GO!


Anonymous said...

Who are you saying "GO!" to? You go! Get on that!

Rahki said...

thats a ugly pic of a martin lol, it looks like a honda BRNT!