Thursday, February 26, 2009

circles in the sand

the topic of mystery came up again. i often talk about this with my important mystery is in a prospective relationship. don't give too much too soon. as a matter of fact, as a shield, a lady should probably never get to a point of comfort before there's a mutual agreement to never leave each other. that looks funny when i type everybody has to believe in marriage. but in general girls want to give so much and so fast, and we are so quick to assume that it's all being reciprocated or will last forever. *sigh*

anyways....back to me. hahaha

i've been wondering. how does one keep a healthy mystery in a marriage? is that even a viable concept to fathom? i mean, marriage is an entirely different ballgame. when once there existed balls and hoops and wood[en floors] (use your imagination)...i mean there're still all those things, but all of a sudden the hoop's on the ceiling dealing with her crazy emotions and the woo[den floors] and balls are playing video games. hehehe.

seriously though.... i realize that each relationship is unique in its own rite, but after you take 100% of the mystery out (now that he knows that i really do boo-boo, that i sometimes like to take a break from shaving my legs for a couple weeks, and that i can't just disappear once a month for 5-7 days) what's the next level of making the relationship exciting for a man? The thing that will keep him coming back for more and more and more? of course aside from sheer love.

men typically want something more tangible--but elusive at the same time.

hmmm....the wheels are turning, my friend. the wheels are a-turnin.

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Anonymous said...

WEll, when they get done turning, let me know what the hell you come up with.