Thursday, February 26, 2009


"You could snap out of it, but you just dont want to. Sometimes you gotta wallow." ~my baby sister

This proves to me that some people really do enjoy the pains of life.

Or maybe it's a form of grief--wallowing.

I'm personally not a fan of WallowWorld. It's like slow motion to me. Like in those dreams where I want to run as fast as I can...but my legs and arms are like lead and my running turns out to be that scene in a movie where the frames are slowed down to increase the intensity.

Great on-screen. Real sucky in real life.


Thera said...

Boo, I understand.

Anonymous said...

But this sounds like you don't think people ever need to just feel their sadness. Remember a time when you have felt true heartbreak or sadness. You were going to feel it. No one could stop you. And when you were ready, you picked yourself back up and kept going. When you were ready.

mj said...

True, but when a person gets to a certain point when they're SAYING they want to wallow in their sadness...that's kind of weird to me.

Anonymous said...

Just try to be understanding, big sister, as opposed to judgmental. I know you just want the best for her.

mj said...

oh fine, tasha.